US Roboflex is a robotised cell for ultrasonic welding of thermoplastics.

  • Interchangeable tool, with changeover time less than 1 minute.
  • 6-axis robot with a range of 1200mm. 10kg load capacity on the wrist.
  • Programming:
    • Application developed by Largoiko for the easy incorporation of new programs (with console you record position of welding coordinates, with their associated values of speed, energy, power, …by default, which may be modified easily from the screen for a more personalised welding at each spot)
    • Selection of welding method (5 welding modes based on energy, relative and absolute quotas)
    • Parameter control: speeds (approximation, welding, transfers…), times (welding, cooling, etc.), range, power, etc.
  • Touch screen to select model, change spot welding parameters, check errors, monitor spot welding graphs, parts counters, etc.
  • 4.0 Industry: OEE measurement to identify losses in the manufacturing process based on Availability, Performance and Quality.
  • The tools may include various additional options such as small clippings, detection of built-in parts, discrimination of versions of parts, burr cuts, etc. (to be studied with the specific parts for each case)

Contact Largoiko for more detailed information:
José Angel Echavarri
Director Comercial
Tel: +34 636 53 60 12